Dallas Pratama Exceptional Journey: From Health Problems to Being an Online Driver and More

Dallas Pratama Exceptional Journey: From Health Problems to Being an Online Driver and More

Dallas Pratama Health problems and money problems

While on vacation in 2015, Dallas Pratama had a stroke that put him into a sleep. This event changed his life forever. An aneurysm was found during his medical care. Dallas was hurt during his four-month coma, and in 2018, he had more medical treatments. But he had trouble with money because he hadn’t been able to work because he was sick for so long.

‘Dallas, let’s check (MRI),’ he said. ‘Oh, you have swelling, let’s do the treatment tomorrow.'” To me, the treatments are going well, but I don’t know how I’ll pay for them tomorrow. After that, his wife Kadhita told my mom, “instead of what happened three years ago.” It was only for one night, so the doctor said it wasn’t as bad as before. Dallas told the show Rumpi: No Secret, “That’s when I knew what was being done to my body.”

Change and Problems in Your Career

Dallas Pratama changed after the surgeries, especially in his ability to remember lines from movies, which is a very important skill for his acting job. He had a hard time remembering even a page and a half of lines, which made him think twice about working in entertainment.

“It’s frustrating that I can’t remember just a page and a half after working in entertainment for ten years.” “I didn’t want to put any extra stress on my co-stars, so I decided not to do it anymore,” he said.

Problems with money and a change in careers

Dallas Pratama said that he had lost a lot of money while he was recovering. His funds were hurt by the cost of his medicine and regular doctor visits. Because of a break in his entertainment job, Dallas made the important choice to become an online taxi driver to make money.

“After I cleaned up my money,” For a while, I did work as an online driver. There was still insurance to cover us and the kids when I woke up. “Hey, Mom?” I told them, “I’m just mad.” At that time, getting around online was very popular. I bought a car. “At first, I wanted to ask someone else, but my wife said, ‘Why don’t you try it? Train yourself to move, talk to people, and meet new people.'”

Problems and layoffs in the business world

After that, a friend of Dallas Pratama gave him a job at a new business. However, after two years of working, he was laid off, which put him back out of work.

“After some time, a friend told me I could get a job again, so I did. For two years, I worked for a big new company.” Then there was a layoff because of the pandemic, and Dallas said, “There hasn’t been another chance until now.”

Success as an entrepreneur and current projects

Dallas Pratama and his wife worked hard, and it paid off. They work together with an event manager for Muslim events, which shows how entrepreneurial they are and how tough they are when things get tough.

“Now we’re part of an event team.” There are a lot of Muslim events these days. “We’ve been a part of it for three years,” he said, pointing out how his life has changed for the better despite the bad things that have happened.