BTG Latest: Sanctuary in the Evolution Mix

BTG, the big guns behind Megaways, just dropped a bomb in November with their new slot, Turkey Megaways. But hey, that’s not all. They’ve been on a roll, kicking off in July with Big Bad Bison hitting Ontario. Then, they struck a deal with Evolution for Golden Catch Megaways, scoring big in the US.

Ontario got a double whammy in July with Max Megaways and Vegas Megaways hitting the scene thanks to BTG and Evolution. And now, brace yourselves for Sanctuary – BTG’s freshest release, joining the Evolution Network from November 22. This baby’s the fourth in the Cult series and it’s riding on tunes from The Cult, a British rock band.

Sanctuary by the Numbers

Let’s talk specs. Sanctuary is no run-of-the-mill slot. It’s got 4 rows, 6 reels, and a whopping 4,096 paylines. Hold tight for some high volatility action, and get this, a max win that screams 44,070x your bet! With an RTP of 96.38%, it’s a rollercoaster waiting to happen. You can dive in with bets ranging from 0.10 to 20 bucks.

A Cosmic Spin on the Classics

Before you label it another Egypt-themed gig, peek closer. Those pyramids ain’t your regular ancient structures; they’re spaceships zooming into outer space, hitting portals, and cruising through galaxies. Plus, brace yourself for The Cult’s classic “She Sells Sanctuary” rocking your playtime.

Game Features that’ll Floor You

The Free Spins Round is where the real magic unfolds. You win, you spin – but here’s the kicker: you can roll up to four video slots at once. That’s 4,096 ways to win for each of those games! And when that Ankh symbol pops on the grid, bam! You’ve got a Sticky Wild landing in every Free Spins-based slot.

Now, if luck’s on your side and you land four Sticky Wilds on one reel, they merge into a massive x4 Wild, cranking up your winnings and tossing in three extra Free Spins. Oh, did I mention the Bonus Buy feature? Yup, it’s there for the eager beavers, available at 90x your stake.

Prepare for Mind-Blowing Fun

Nik Robinson, the big cheese at BTG, calls Sanctuary “very, very cool.” Picture this: towering pyramids, funky hieroglyphs, and a trip into new dimensions. But here’s the kicker – it’s that Free Spins Mode, firing up four video slots simultaneously, that takes the cake.

This game’s all about pushing boundaries and giving you a wild ride. But wait, there’s more! The Win Exchange feature lets you trade your wins for a shot at seven Free Spins. Now that’s a deal worth considering.

HOLYSLOTS88 So, if you’re up for an intergalactic adventure with rock anthems and mind-bending features, Sanctuary might just be your ticket to slot paradise.